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Emilie Hooft Toomey

Emilie Hooft Toomey profile picture
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Phone: (541) 346-1455
  • Office: 125C Cascade Hall
  • Interests: marine geophysics, midocean ridges, and oceanic hotspots
  • Website: Website


B.S., 1990, University of Toronto; Ph.D., 1996, MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


Joe Byrnes

Former Students:
Matt Beachly
Anne Wells
Kohtaro Araragi
Ali Furmall
Hemalinee Patel


Assistant Professor
(marine geophysics, midocean ridges, and oceanic hotspots)
Geological Sciences faculty member since 1999.

More Detailed Web Page
UO Geophysics Group Website

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