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Rick Streiff (BS, 1977) is a Senior Geologist for a gold exploration program in New Zealand. Prior to his move south, Rick gained experience in 5+ underground mines in Nevada and Washington.
Tim Dawson (BS, 1994) is working as an engineering geologist for the State of California. His current responsibilities are in the Geologic Mapping and School Site Review Programs for the state. On the side, Tim still practices his paleoseismic skills that he learned from Professor Ray Weldon.
Mark Hemphill-Haley (PhD, 1999) is an associate professor of geology at Humboldt State University. He and his students study active deformation of the western United States, working at scales from from trench-scale paleoseismology, to individual faults and folds, to plate-scale deformation based on satellite-based geodesy.
Diana Roman (PhD, 2004) was on the faculty at the University of South Florida from 2006 to 2011. She is now a staff scientist at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., where she studies the mechanics of magma movement through the crust, and the structure, evolution, and dynamics of volcanic conduit systems.
TC Hales (PhD, 2006) completed his thesis under the guidance of Professor Roering. After a short time as a postdoc, he joined the faculty at Cardiff University in Wales where he teaches geology and does research on tectonic geomorphology, landscape evolution, rockfall erosion, and ecologic controls on landscape form.
Heather Wright (PhD, 2006) received IAVCEI’s prestigious 2013 George Walker award, for early career scientists. She did a USGS Mendenhall postdoc studying Crater Lake volcanic deposits, and recently started a job with the USGS Volcano Disaster Assistance Program at the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver WA.
Varina Zinno (Smith), (BS, 2007; MS, 2010, McGill University) now works as an exploration geologist for Alaska Earth Sciences, Inc., in Anchorage.  She enjoys working in the consulting industry, which has provided access to a wide range of exciting work experiences throughout Canada, northwest US, and Alaska.
Brandon Schmandt (PhD, 2011) is now an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico. He recently received AGU’s prestigious AGU Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award in seismology. His research is focused on studies of North American lithosphere and underlying mantle, and evaluating the potential for seismic monitoring of rivers as a proxy for bed-load transport.
Dan Rasmussen (BS, 2012) is pursuing a Masters degree at New Mexico Tech University, where he is studying the origins and evolution of Ross Island volcanoes in Antarctica. Dan is making good progress toward his MS degree and hopes to start research on a Ph.D. project next fall.
Ned Molder (BS, 2013) is working for a startup company called GroundMetrics in San Diego, which does electromagnetic surveys for oil, gas, mining, and geothermal exploration. Ned likes his job and is excited to be out in the professional work force.
Lisa Netzel (BS, 2013) is now working for Schlumberger as a field engineer on deep water oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore Mud Loggers are transported by helicopter to the rig and remain on site for 25 to 30 days working 12 hour shifts. Working for Schlumberger offers Lisa opportunities for a career in different aspects of the company including technical, maintenance, and management.
Sammy Castonguay (BS, 2010; MS, 2013) is a visiting lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he teaches Physical Geology (110) lectures and labs.  He is enjoying the new culture of Wisconsin (they’re cheeseheads now!), as well as the many opportunities and challenges of being an academic instructor.

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